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We have traded in more than 45 countries around the world supplying Truck, Bus, Car, High Performance, 4 x 4, Van tyres and Commercial Wheels direct from our factory partners to the country in question.

We offer a full service for you to buy direct containers at competitive prices. We handle all the ordering process in the UK which includes the communication with the factories, container shipments, insurance and funding options. If you buy through us you benefit from the fact that we have our substantial product liability insurance through our UK Insurer. We distribute our own brand TORQUE tyres globally and we work closely with our factory partners to market and coordinate factory branded tyres in agreed markets.


Worldwide Distribution. Reasons To Buy From Us


Full Communication with the Factory

  • Easy and accurate ordering & delivery
  • Accurate shipment dates and packing lists
  • No confusion over tyres ordered and what arrives



Full communication with the factory.

We can communicate effectively in 15 different languages between the customer and factory to provide an easy and accurate ordering and delivery process. We always communicate when tyres are ready and offer timely updates on shipment and delivery ETAs.

We coordinate the orders to make sure what is shipped is what has been ordered. Any changes that need to be made are all communicated by us on a regular basis keeping you fully informed on your order.


  • Easy and accurate ordering & delivery
  • Accurate shipment dates and packing lists
  • No confusion over tyres ordered and what arrives

Funding Options

Subject to credit we can offer a range of funding options to make the process of buying in bulk much easier.

From ordering in your currency to full credit terms we can help find a solution that benefits your company. Also when you buy through us you can be assured that you will never have to pay for something that you don’t receive.


  • Better cash flow for your Business
  • No risk of paying for something that doesn’t arrive
  • Options for ordering in your currency
  • Payment terms available subject to credit

Shipping & Insurance

We ship over 3000 containers per annum which means we can offer excellent value on the cost of shipping.

We can organise orders on an FOB basis, CIF or even a DDP basis in some countries. When it’s on a CIF basis we coordinate everything until the container arrives at the designated port.  When its DDP we handle everything until it arrives at your door.


  • We organise the shipping for you
  • No need to deal with shipping agents
  • We communicate directly with shippers and the factories
  • Stock is Insured whilst on the water


We have had many years dealing directly with manufacturers so we have tried and tested product of excellent quality.

On top of this, on the rare occasion that you have concerns over a quality aspect, you will deal directly with us and we will communicate any concerns directly with the manufacturer.

To give even extra peace of mind we carry a substantial Product Liability Insurance Policy drawn on a UK Insurer.


  • We only deal with tried and tested factories
  • Any issues around quality is dealt with by us. We negotiate with the factory on your behalf for any complaints
  • No confusion over tyres ordered and what arrives


We are able to give exceptional pricing because of our bulk buying capability.

By buying through us you can benefit from our purchasing power of 2.25million car tyres and over 300,000 Truck tyres per annum


  • Because we bulk buy from the factory we can offer a great price


We provide marketing expertise for the brands we sell.

For example we have developed Websites, Full Technical Specification, Advertising, Exhibitions, Brochures designed in your language and with your details.

We also provide access to merchandise to help you grow the brand in your country.


  • Websites – driving people to the brand in your country
  • Advertising – Growing the brand together
  • Exhibitions – Exhibiting in different parts of the world together
  • Personalised brochures in your language
  • Access to merchandise

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