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The Falken Brand was founded in 1983 and has developed into a high profile independent tyre brand, focusing on quality and performance with ongoing development tailored to suit the needs of the commercial tyre industry. Falken continuously drives its advancement by using professional motorsports as a development and testing arena.

At Falken, we aim to keep our finger 'on the pulse' at all times. By being close to our customers, we can identify what they want in a tyre today, and what they need tomorrow. This enables us to design top-quality products that offer outstanding value.

Falken's innovative research & simulation program. Pioneering 4D-Nano Design technology enables our engineers to simulate the complex interactions of tyre compound components at the nano-level.


  • Outstanding all weather performance
  • Extra mileage and enhanced rolling resistance
  • Directional stability in straights and cornering
  • Outstanding for re-treading and re-grooving

Falken tyre casings are designed and manufactured to high quality standards, enabling the tyres to be re-treaded multiple times, extending their mileage. The process of re-grooving restores the sharp edges of the pattern and increases tread depth, giving improved traction especially in wet and wintery road conditions. In addition, tyres can be used for longer in their most fuel efficient condition. Re-grooving therefore saves fuel costs for longer.




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